Canceling Paypal Recurring Payments

Today I would share to you how to canceling recurring payments. Some of them would use this feature because it's so easy to manage and easy to pay without clicking payment button monthly. But you should know few of merchant use this feature to rip the customer. It's not every seller would do that, but I am a victim of this one, so check this out.

I had a recurred bill every 6 months of VPS company provider. The bill said you should pay them $12 and that's payment will be made. But when I checked my paypal history and look up for the last payment, that was amazing. They just charged me for $24. Ah, so that's what they played around time, my thought.

So, please stay alert guys. So much naughty seller around the world. Please double check after you made a payment. Don't let them charged you twice a time.

So how can I stop the recurrement? For detailed steps, please navigate this paypal link. And go tell to your merchant. Or tell to paypal customer service what you experienced from that seller.


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