Why I'm so Interested with Character Miya

Tonight I will share you about my interest related Miya. Who is Miya? Well, ordinary people would say, "Miya is human". LOL, that's not what I mean actually. If you look at Miya wikia page, you will get the answear abosultely =]. Just read a few minutes and if you don't like, easy don't continue to read it.

Miya was the very first sekirei project. I'm not discuss about what her specialy or what she did in the past or whatelse. In my opinion, Miya has the perfect figure I wanted ever. She was slender, yet shapely woman with fair-skin and brown eyes. She always wear Japan traditional attire with white 'haori' and a sash-like belt.

This is one of funny part:

So when you describe it, she looks so polite yet a cold woman but filled with a kind heart. A nice face and simple figure make me melt into a fan of her. Unfortunately, no upcoming news for Sekirei 3 anime. And not sure how long I should be wait >.<


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