Getting Signature From Yuu Asakawa

Hello, good night there! This is my first post using fc2blog actually. For some people might interested about my topic here today but actually it wouldn't. Few hours ago I checked at my facebook and saw something really cool. Did you know what is it? Yes, Yuu Asakawa giveaway a signature! For folks who don't know who Yuu Asakawa is, you can go this link to find out who is she.

Unfortunately I cannot go to CJC2013 (CultureJapan Convention 2013) and sometimes it's really pissed me off errr. One of her comrades got an awesome signature from Yuu! This is some screenshoot that I got from her twitter.

Did you see it? Oh well, he is so lucky man! Okay, maybe I will get that sign for next CJC! Wait for me :P

And there was another cool photos that taken from Gordon here:

I'm very jealous of them >.< I hope I could get a visit there ASAP!