Bircd: How to Install Simple Beware IRCD

IRC, one of the basics of chat platform now began to disappear. Not many people know what are IRC is and no many care Who was IRC. Previously I enjoyed IRC chat for years and now I would introduce you how to install it.

There were so many IRC services platform out there. Can you describe what are they? So here it is:
> Unreal IRCd
> beware IRCd
> Bahamut
> InspIRCd
> ircd-seven
> bIRCd
> IRCd-Hybrid
> and many more

List of all mention above are the most platform server would be used usually. I assume most of you would notice with word "IRCd". "d" of IRCd which mean daemon. In linux, daemon is a background process that running continuously.

In this case, I will install beware ircd.
> visit beware ircd official website
> Choose download
> Download version 1.6.2 linux, size 341 KiB
> Login to your shell VPS or dedicated server
> Use normal user and make sure port 6667 is free

How can I check it? Type netstat -an | grep 6667 .If there are no output concerning :6667 port, then it's free. If you first time to do this on new VPS that you bought, just install it. Obviously there are no one would use =].

> wget
> tar -zxvf bewareircd-linux.tar.gz
> cd bircd
> edit ircd.conf as your need
> edit ircd.ini as your need
> edit ircd.motd as your need
> ./bircd

To rehash the ircd, use ./rehash .Please note its unecessary to compile the source. You just need to extract and run after that. It's pretty easy right? If you found a problem or something, let me know by comment this article.

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